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Elizabeth & Timothy

I cannot RAVE enough about Going to the Chapel… It was one of the best investments I made for my wedding day! Planning an out-of-town wedding is stressful, so it was extremely useful to have Jane Richman as our wedding planner. The USNA rules and guidelines are also very daunting, so to have someone who is familiar with the protocol and talk me through every step took away all of my anxiety! Jane has done a number of USNA weddings and also has personal experience with her own daughter's Annapolis wedding; therefore she is very familiar with the best area vendors and has wonderful suggestions and tips.

We hired Jane for the "day of" services and she exceeded every expectation my parents and I could have imagined. She was responsible for recommending vendors (all of whom were amazing), coordinating transportation, developing a Timeline with all of the vendors and contacting them to ensure everyone was on the same page. The wedding day ran smoothly and was absolutely flawless. Jane was the "go-to" person who handled all of the last minute details which allowed my mom and I to really enjoy the wedding day, and not have to worry about anything. On the day of the wedding, Jane came to the hotel room early in the morning to touch base with everyone, make sure we had everything we needed, and even delivered the flowers! She was then at the Chapel, before, during and after the ceremony to direct guests to where they needed to be, and to ensure that everyone had a ride to and from the ceremony. Jane stayed with my husband and I until we left the Naval Academy grounds and dropped us off at our hotel for the reception.

I would absolutely recommend Going to the Chapel… to any bride getting married at the Naval Academy. Jane's experience and expertise are invaluable and she will certainly help make everything leading up to your wedding day, and the actual day itself so much less stressful. Your wedding day will be much more enjoyable knowing that she is there; doing everything she can to make your day perfect!

Elizabeth- Bride


Alexandra & Erik

The logistics of pulling together a Naval Academy wedding are difficult, but when no one lives in the area it is even more complicated. This celebration was a destination event for everyone. Our son's wedding at the Naval Academy could not have been more perfect, and Jane Richman is the reason. From the scheduling, the choice of vendors, the venue, the beautiful weather (ha, ha), the entire day went off without a snag. Jane was almost clairvoyant. Every time I needed to ask her a question, I would turn around and there she was. Her service before, during and the morning after the wedding was marvelous. No detail was left out and she was a partner to all of us. Jane is a warm, intuitive, and dynamic woman to work with on military weddings due to her complete understanding of protocol and wedding etiquette, not to mention her access to The USNA Yard. We were so fortunate that the bride's family had the good sense to choose Jane to be their wedding planner!

Susan- Mother of the Groom


Amanda & Matthew

Thank heavens for Jane Richman and her unique business "Going to the Chapel…"! When my daughter became engaged and planned to be married at the Naval Academy, I realized early on that we were going to need help. We were not familiar with Annapolis and certainly not with the rules and regulations imposed by the Academy and the U.S. Navy. As I began searching for a wedding planner in the Baltimore/Washington area I quickly learned that none of them had the specific knowledge and skills required to plan and coordinate a military, destination wedding at the U.S. Naval Academy. Then, I found Jane Richman and everything fell into place.

As a retired Navy Commander with extensive experience in military protocol and event planning, she assisted us every step of the way. You will hear that the USNA provides all the help you will need at the Chapel, but that is only true to a point. The Navy tells you when to arrive and when to leave, and they make sure the details of the ceremony are correct, but after that, you are pretty much on your own. Early in the process, Jane provided us with a checklist of priority items, time schedules, vendor referrals, and was there for whatever we needed; sometimes just to lend an ear and help fine-tune whatever was going on. She gave us a tour of The Yard and walked us through the day, so we would know exactly what to expect. One of the highlights of a military wedding is the traditional Arch of Swords and like many people, we assumed that officers received that training from the Naval Academy. That is not true, but fortunately Jane provides the training and rehearses with the officers prior to the ceremony. Under her direction, the Arch of Swords was a show-stopper and thrilled the crowd with their military precision and pageantry. From beginning to end, Jane's attention to detail was impeccable. Every vendor I used was at her suggestion, and each and every one of them provided exemplary service. Jane clearly has an excellent working relationship with all of her vendors, so those processes were seamless.

On the "day of" Jane was with us from beginning to end. When we arrived at the Naval Academy, she was already there providing last-minute services for our guests as well as the wedding party. She accompanied the bride and groom to the reception, making sure that everything went off perfectly, and after helping us gather up our belongings; didn't leave until we did. It was a wonderful day and everyone had a terrific time. Everything went off like clockwork, and I can say with complete confidence that without Jane's help, we would never have had such a perfect day. She is a true professional and we were lucky to have found her!

Jeanne- Mother of the Bride


Maureen & Andrew

Our experience with Jane was flawless. She was able to listen to our requests and then followed up with planning and executing a dream come true event for our daughter. Not only does she walk you through the military side of planning a wedding at USNA, but she is able to assist with many other details. Her communication with us was regular throughout the whole process. Our daughter’s wedding was fairly large (200 guests) and it was a destination wedding for us and all our guests as well. Due to changes in deployment schedules, we experienced a few glitches in the planning process, but the team of vendors in Annapolis took it all in stride and helped us through the difficult times. It was so wonderful to know that someone like Jane was there to help us through the process and on the day of the wedding as well. Jane is able to work comfortably with all of the other vendors, which is critical in having a smoothly run event. We would highly recommend her if you are planning a military wedding in the Annapolis area.

Maureen & Joe- Parents of the Bride


Trish & Mike

We live in Pennsylvania and when our daughter told us she was getting married at the U.S. Naval Academy, she was living in California. We wondered how we would arrange a wedding and reception in Annapolis. Then our daughter found out about Jane Richman of “Going to the Chapel...” We hired her to help us plan the wedding, and are very glad we did. She was an enormous help in recommending venues and vendors, advising us on military protocol, organizing timelines, and making sure everything ran seamlessly on the big day. Her timelines and reminders throughout the planning process kept us organized and on track for the wedding day. Her presence on the wedding day, including training for the “Arch of Swords,” was very reassuring and freed us to enjoy the events.

Joan & Randy- Parents of the Bride


Courtney & Reid

I am a father of the bride: We simply could not have done it so well without her! When I first met Jane I felt the weight and stress of the wedding and dealing with all of the details just melt away. Jane’s thoroughness and professionalism allowed me the comfort of “no stress.” If you are planning on getting married at the Chapel at Annapolis you must get in touch with Jane. She does so much more than wedding planning. We were trying to coordinate from NJ and CA; without Jane we would have had a very stressful time. She lined up vendors and events and helped with “destination wedding” particulars from the time guests arrived in Annapolis to their departure; things to do, maps, timelines, all in beautiful pamphlets that I am sure are going to be keepsakes. It was refreshing to deal with someone who got so much joy out of ensuring ours. I could go on forever. How do you give someone a score of 6 out of 5?

Douglas- Father of the Bride


Kimberly & Tyler

“Worth her weight in GOLD!” Jane was recommended to us by the photographer for our daughter’s wedding. Our daughter, non-military, married a Marine Lieutenant at the Naval Academy Chapel. There are so many procedures (both security and logistical) to be followed including paperwork when one gets married at the chapel: access and transportation to and from the Yard, strict ceremony timelines, forms to be completed, and more. Jane’s unique skills, military background, and rapport with the Naval Academy are exceptional and MOST beneficial when planning a Naval Academy Chapel wedding. Our daughter felt such a sense of relief knowing Jane was at the helm coordinating the transportation for the guests on and off the Yard, coordinating the florist and photographer with the Chapel coordinator and staff, and training the “Arch of Swords.” The wedding went off beautifully and memorably. She was a true blessing in every sense of the word! We thank her for all of her hard work and dedication to make Kimberly and Tyler’s special day PERFECT!

Sharon- Mother of the Bride


Tracy & Seth

We were so grateful to have Jane Richman recommended to us by our caterer. I work in public relations and have helped 3 of my sisters and countless friends plan their big day, so I knew I had all of the typical details covered. What I knew was missing was a knowledge of the Naval Academy’s particular rules and protocol. From our first meeting with Jane, I knew that she was the missing piece in our wedding planning puzzle. Her advice on security, transportation and military protocol was invaluable! She helped us work through all of the minutia that can often get overlooked, but ultimately made our day perfect- - for us and our guests. Her support from the day we met, up until our big day was unwavering and most noticeable on the day before our wedding. We arrived at the reception site to drop off décor and flowers as scheduled, but when we arrived, the doors were locked and no one was present. Jane quickly tapped into her extensive Annapolis vendor network to call a friend who got in touch with the site manager. Within 10 minutes, we were inside the house and safely deposited the reception décor. Major crisis averted thanks to Jane! That was just one of many examples of how Jane helped make our wedding the most special day of our lives. If you are having a wedding at the Naval Academy, please give Jane a call. You will be glad you did!

Tracy- Bride


Sara & Eric

Six months into my one year deployment to Afghanistan, Sara and I became engaged and planned to marry at the Naval Academy Chapel with the reception at Alumni House. Separated by military deployment, we needed someone who could provide Sara with direction and advice in planning our Naval Academy wedding. By chance, we discovered Jane Richman and her unique skill set, background, and temperament became the priceless assets in the planning and execution of our wedding. Jane worked tactfully and efficiently with all of our vendors, her administrative contributions were seemingly endless, and as a Navy wife she provided a wonderful role model for Sara.

A consummate professional, Jane planned for every contingency, handled problems calmly and discreetly, kept all wedding participants “in the loop,” and took over last minute wedding weekend details allowing us to spend time with family and friends. Sara and I enjoyed every minute of our special day, blissfully unaware that Jane was dealing with late arriving guests, MIA sword bearers, and a lost diamond bracelet. Everything was perfect and it was only after the wedding that we found out how she had truly saved the day.

Without the advice and services Jane Richman provided, our wedding would still have happened. However, we firmly believe that it would have been marred with administrative shortcomings, inadequate “disaster response,” and would not have been nearly as creative and vibrant.

Without a doubt, her services are a bargain at any price!

Eric- Groom

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